Project-based Education based on Generative AI

The Introduction of Entrepreneurship education

INNOCO CAMPUS focuses on the early stages of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education and service ecosystem. In the future, we will embrace development with a more open attitude, further pursue market-oriented and sustainable operations, and continue to provide high-quality entrepreneurship education and services for more early stage entrepreneurs.

The Introduction of K-12 education

In today’s digital era, the education industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. In order to meet the needs of students and parents for high-quality education, K12 Education Enterprise needs to work closely with various partners to explore innovative educational solutions.

Class Hour

12 class hour each phase


8-20 childern

Achievement display

Shirt AI driven tea MVP full process PBL tea industry entrepreneurship education products.

          • Practice Entrepreneurship Line: Entrepreneurship                      Sprouts, Track Selection, Team/Project Management,                  Product Positioning/Design, Marketing

           • Theoretical course line: Entrepreneurshi Fundamentals             and Case Analysis, Industry Sharing, AI+Management,               AI+Products, AI+New Media Marketing           

           The course incubated 3-5 entrepreneurial teams in the               tea industry, and conducted in-depth practice in                         product positioning, design, marketing, and startup                   management

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This is an unprecedented era • The future has arrived

In this era where knowledge acquisition is no longer difficult, the ability to transform knowledge into value has become even more important!

In this era of widespread depreciation of diplomas, the “works” you create are your best endorsement!

In this era where employment is not optimistic, you may be able to become a creator of work!

Life is not just about being a problem solver, there are more possibilities!

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