The team has extensive experience in digital marketing, business consulting, software services, and interaction design.

Daniel zou


Ives Feng

Co-Founder/Brand Director

Nick Wang

Technology Director

Nick Li

Technology Director

Leo Yang

Technology Director

Conner Huang

Technology Director

Davis Tuo

E-commerence Director

Harvey Li

Operations Director

Kual Quan

Operations Director

Irene Zheng


Eric Ji


Bob Wan

Finance Director


Has more than 15 years of legal experience at a head firm, in the company's rules and regulations, Labor Relations Management, economic contract review, has a wealth of practical experience

Laywer Kay

Mario is a founding partner of a VC fund, a former mckinsey consulting partner, Moody Capital MD, and has more than 20 years of experience in management consulting.

Founder Mario

A well-known university institute founder, Artificial Intelligence Experts, professor, at home and abroad have a number of artificial intelligence patents

Professor Yun


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