Entrepreneurship education

The Introduction of Entrepreneurship education

INNOCO CAMPUS focuses on the early stages of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education and service ecosystem. The team is deeply involved in the three major fields of artificial intelligence, innovation education, and entrepreneurship education. In the future, we will embrace development with a more open attitude, further pursue market-oriented and sustainable operations, and continue to provide high-quality entrepreneurship education and services for more early stage entrepreneurs.

  • Create a campus, gather because of creation. We firmly believe that practice leads to true knowledge. Through real entrepreneurial practice, to approach real life and markets, to deal with complex problems in complex environments, to fail with enthusiasm, and to maximize the return of entrepreneurial education to the essence of education.

Exploration of Feasible Solutions 

In order to create a universal and authentic entrepreneurial education, Chuangju Campus has provided innovative solutions from the perspectives of reducing entrepreneurial costs, risks, and implementation paths


Exploration of feasible solutions 

By Shirt AI driven MVP full process PBL project based entrepreneurship education products. Support early entrepreneurs to master Shirt Applying AI productivity tools to real-life innovation and entrepreneurship scenarios, experiencing firsthand the PBL project based entrepreneurial practice and learning from MVP product positioning, design, and marketing, and forming entrepreneurial teams and even establishing start-up companies within a reasonable range of risk control.


Entrepreneurship service ecosystem

The traditional view holds that grand social challenges require grand responses. However, we believe that addressing major social challenges can and often should start with small, flexible initiatives – Minimum Viable Consortia (MVC) – that learn and adapt in building a “scaffold” for large-scale change. Based on entrepreneurial education products, an entrepreneurial service ecosystem is created under the drive of “creation and ownership”. By establishing extensive integration of industry, academia, research, and innovation, as well as enterprise cooperation, incubating a certain number of entrepreneurial service platforms, we aim to create an entrepreneurial service ecosystem with social care!

Achievement display

Entrepreneurship education products

Shirt AI driven tea MVP full process PBL tea industry entrepreneurship education products.

Practice Entrepreneurship Line: Entrepreneurship Sprouts, Track Selection, Team/Project Management, Product Positioning/Design, Marketing

Theoretical course line, entrepreneurial foundation and case analysis, industry sharing, AI+management, AI+products, AI+new media marketing

The course incubated 3-5 entrepreneurial teams in the tea industry, and conducted in-depth practice in product positioning, design, marketing, and startup management

Entrepreneurship service ecosystem

A financial and tax service platform based on entrepreneurial education products, driven by the concept of “creation and ownership”.

Through a dual mentor system in cooperation with financial and tax service companies, based on the integration of expertise and creativity, we teach junior students majoring in financial management, accounting, big data, and accounting to establish a Shirt AI+Financial and Tax Services Studio.

At present, the studio can provide professional, formal, and standardized financial outsourcing services for various enterprises. Since its establishment in April 2023, the studio has been able to undertake the financial business of 18 college student startups at a low price, and is open to 3 off campus charging enterprises.

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Future Plans

  • In the future, we will embrace cooperation and development with a more open attitude, research and explore MVP entrepreneurship education products in various industries. 
  • Building an entrepreneurial service ecosystem with social care under the drive of “ownership system”: including entrepreneurship research and learning, entrepreneurship competition services, financial and tax services, legal services, intellectual property, early angel investment, incubators, and a series of entrepreneurial services. Truly reduce the costs and risks of early stage entrepreneurs, and promote the realization of entrepreneurial paths through innovation. 
  • At the same time, the INNOCO CAMPUS technology platform will be built, with entrepreneurship education products as the core driving force, relying on Shirt Optimizing the practical process of entrepreneurship education through core technologies such as AI, utilizing the platform’s data technology, based on the analysis of a large number of biological digital footprints generated by students in real entrepreneurial practices, providing students with automatically produced and traceable graduation certificates and customized “College Student Entrepreneurship Ability Reports” for the “College Student Entrepreneurship Skills Map”

This is an unprecedented era • The future has arrived

In this era where knowledge acquisition is no longer difficult, the ability to transform knowledge into value has become even more important!

In this era of widespread depreciation of diplomas, the “works” you create are your best endorsement!

In this era where employment is not optimistic, you may be able to become a creator of work!

Life is not just about being a problem solver, there are more possibilities!