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Blueshirt Technology Web development is a vital business line that involves the creation and maintenance of websites and web applications.

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requirements analysis

When you get a project, you must conduct a requirements analysis, knowing the type of website, its specific functions, business logic, and the style of the website, also want to determine domain name, site space or server and site filing, etc. 

planning static content

re-determine the needs of the analysis, and according to user needs to plan out the content of the site block sketch.

the design stage

according to the website sketch, the artist makes the result chart. Just like building a house, first draw the effect picture and then start building the house, so does the website development.

program development stage

divide page structure and design according to sketch, front-end and back-end can be done at the same time. Front-end is responsible for the production of static page according to the effect of the artist; background according to the page structure and design, design database data structure and development site background.

Test and launch

Build the server locally and test the site for bugs. If there is no problem, you can package the site, use FTP to upload to the site space or the server.

maintenance and promotion

after the website is launched, we will improve the website according to the actual situation, regularly repair and upgrade the website, ensure the smooth operation of the website, and then carry out the promotion of the website, etc. .







7 * 24時間の効率的なサービス保証、多様なサービスサポート、専門的なクラウドを提供する前に、で、技術サービスの完全なプロセスの後、あなたのクラウドの旅がより容易になるように。

Commercial pricing

  • 2000¥, including the configuration of the domain name server and other infrastructure(Us Domain center + Cpanel +SSL+ WordPress)The specific price according to the server configuration charges
  • 10000¥, including + made into finished products

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