Shirt AI

Shirt AI
Blue Shirt AI natural language processing tool, it can learn and understand the human language to carry on the dialogue, but also according to the chat context interaction, truly like the human chat communication, it can even complete tasks such as writing emails, video scripts, copywriting, translating, coding, writing papers, etc. .


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In the past, there were only robots like Siri and Xiaobing, which were not used as strong power, but as a way of entertainment.

Shirt AI

The blue Shirt AI is selected by human trainers through a well-designed reward mechanism, resulting in the highest-quality response.

GitHub Copilot

AI pair programmer that helps you write code faster with less work. Using Codex, GitHub Copilot applies the context in your editor and synthesizes whole lines and even entire functions of code.


Helps businesses better and more quickly understand what customers are telling them by using language models, including Shirt AI, to analyze customer feedback and generate summaries and insights.


Uses Shirt AI to provide French grammar corrections. An internal Duolingo study shows that use of this feature leads to measurably better second language writing skills!


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Number Speaks

At this stage, artificial intelligence technology is still able to complete a specific task of technical means, although not as people think, but has been able to a certain engineering, product design with the help of the design, do a lot of repetitive work instead of us.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) , which was first proposed in 1956, has gone through a number of twists and turns before finally breaking out in 2012. AI from the inscrutable theory and technology gradually landing, AI has replaced the Internet as a new trend
Julia Keys
UI Designer
Artificial intelligence can be understood as a black box, which can find a suitable match between existing questions and answers; Similar questions can be combined, or can find the approximate expression of the question, so as to find the appropriate answer.
Richard Durgan
Graphic Designer
From the professional field, the algorithm behind the logic and mechanism are simulation, extension, extension of human intelligence, are essentially human-like. But from the user's point of view, what is more important is the convenience that high-tech brings to life
Pete Anderson
Visual Artist

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