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With the development of digitization and automation, Business service is also facing new opportunities and challenges. For example, artificial intelligence and machine learning can help enterprises improve service quality and efficiency, but at the same time, they also pose a challenge to human resources and the job market. Therefore, in the process of managing and developing Business service, it is necessary to comprehensively consider various factors and constantly adjust and improve.

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Business negotiation


1. Obtain consultation information
2. Preliminary negotiation
3. Preliminary research
4. Project Proposal
5. Demonstrate strength – two ways to demonstrate
6. Business negotiation
7. Contract confirmation and signing

Diagnostic analysis


1. Preparation for diagnosis
2. Research and analysis
3. Drafting of diagnostic report
4. Confirmation of diagnosis results – report diagnosis report to the enterprise

Propose improvement


1. Improve the design of the plan
2. Discussion on improvement plan
3. Report and confirm the improvement plan
4. Completion of the improvement plan

Consulting Project Implementation


1. Create an implementation plan
2. Implement process monitoring
3. Evaluation of implementation results
4. Implementation effect follow-up


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