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High-quality new Google Gmail Manual (unbundled phone) .Create area is random, account is not related to each other, use stable, use self-test.


Account, password, auxiliary mailbox (used to login to confirm input)


Landing Site: (package official login, third-party login can not be sold after)


How to use

Please follow the steps on the right side strictly

  1. After logging in, you will be prompted to choose whether to perform all security activities by yourself.
  2. If phone verification is required, please enter your own phone number for verification (there may be more frequent phone verifications due to recent Google rule adjustments).
  3. Please use a pure, stable environment, switch IDs and IPs, and clear cookies. Do not use shared IPs, and do not use single IPs for bulk operations.
  4. If you are not provided with the option to verify your backup email address (because Google may perceive a risk in your environment), you should change your IP address and try to log in again.
  5. If you are prompted to choose from multiple options after entering your account and password, such as “verification code via xxxx,” “sign in from a computer,” and “confirm backup email,” please choose “confirm backup email” and enter your backup email to log in.
  6. Account security – for long-term use, please modify the backup email address first (which can reduce the likelihood of triggering phone verification), bind your own mobile phone number, log in to Gmail APP on your own mobile device, modify your password, and enable two-step verification.
  7. Setting up a Google email (after logging in) – modify the language, enable POP3, IMAP, import contacts, etc.

After-sales problems

  • First time logging in to Google email – if you cannot log in, we guarantee a refund, so please feel free to purchase.
  • If you encounter issues logging in to third-party platforms using Google login, it is not related to the Google email itself, and we only guarantee the usability of the email itself without providing any after-sales service. (Different platforms have various requirements for Google email properties. If some platforms cannot be accessed, it is considered normal.)
  • If you encounter any issues with your first-time login, please contact customer service for after-sales support. However, we cannot provide after-sales support for any risk control caused by improper usage (such as sending and receiving emails, changing passwords, or logging in with the same IP address).
  • If you fail to log in to multiple accounts consecutively, please make sure that your environment (IP and fingerprint characteristics) has not been compromised.
  • Our after-sales service is available for 24 hours (please log in and test your email as soon as possible after purchasing).


  • Please use the purchased account legally. The consequences of any illegal use will be borne solely by the purchaser and may result in legal liability. All accounts sold on this site are registered by normal means on major platforms and are owned by the respective platforms. Their use must comply with the rules of the respective platforms.
  • Please keep the purchased product’s card information safe. This site regularly cleans up the card information. If you need after-sales service, please contact us within the specified time. This site does not provide any product use consultation. Please read the instructions on the official website.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use any accounts purchased from this site for marketing or domestic business purposes. Such customers are advised not to buy these accounts. Once detected, the account will be immediately blocked. It is only allowed to be used for gaming, e-commerce, registration, account binding, and other personal normal purposes.
  • The accounts sold on this site are only for legitimate business purposes, and their use for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden. Please obey the laws and regulations of different countries and regions. The purchase represents compliance with this clause and all the above provisions.
  • It is strictly prohibited to use accounts purchased on this site for any illegal purposes, including but not limited to: fraudulent information promotion, illegal information promotion, pornography, gambling, and drug-related activities.
  • Any users who purchase on this site and are found to be using accounts for illegal purposes will be prosecuted with the assistance of relevant departments.
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