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Digital marketing, business consulting, software services, and interaction design.


Web front-end development engineer


AI software test engineer


Strategic Intern - UI/UX Design


Platform Operations

Why Did I choose you

Web front-end development engineer

  1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of front-end pages of Task, SRM, MES, etc
  2. Responsible for the development and maintenance of open platform, BOSS system, Blueshirt Platform and other system front-end

AI software test engineer

  1. Postgraduate students for computer science or related major
  2. Excellent at python, database, pyqt5 or other related UI Framework
  3. Experience in software /system/desktop tool development

Strategic Intern – UI/UX Design

  1. Create prototypes/demos for testing/validating new product ideas. – Participate in brainstorming, express creative ideas. – Assist in specific UI/UX design for series production
  2. Requirements – Love design, curious and passionate

Platform Operations

  1. Assist to promote and supervise the implementation of new products and promotion activities in the mall to ensure the smooth implementation of the activities.
  2. To assist in monitoring the activities of the mall small program and module on-line data, continuous optimization of flow efficiency.
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