The team has extensive experience in digital marketing, business consulting, software services, and interaction design.

Daniel zou


Ives Feng

Co-Founder/Brand Director

Davis Tuo

E-commerence Director

Nick Li

Technology Director

Leo Yang

Technology Director

Conner Huang

Technology Director

Kual Quan

Operations Director

Harvey Li

Operations Director

Jiang Liping

Finance Director


Has more than 15 years of legal experience at a head firm, in the company's rules and regulations, Labor Relations Management, economic contract review, has a wealth of practical experience

Laywer Kay

Mario is a founding partner of a VC fund, a former mckinsey consulting partner, Moody Capital MD, and has more than 20 years of experience in management consulting.

Founder Mario

A well-known university institute founder, Artificial Intelligence Experts, professor, at home and abroad have a number of artificial intelligence patents

Professor Yun


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