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Topic selection

As a self-media marketer, one of the first tasks is to select a relevant and interesting topic to write about. This involves researching keywords and trending topics, analyzing audience interests and preferences, and identifying areas where the author has expertise or unique insights.

Tracking current hot topics

The self-media marketer should stay up-to-date with current events and trends, and track what topics are generating the most buzz and engagement. This involves monitoring social media platforms, news outlets, and industry-specific publications.

Material organization

Once a topic has been selected, the self-media marketer should gather and organize relevant materials, including data, statistics, quotes, and anecdotes. This requires careful research and attention to detail.

Analyzing reader psychology

The self-media marketer must have a deep understanding of the audience they are targeting, including their interests, desires, fears, and motivations. This helps to create content that resonates with readers and generates engagement.

Studying competitor articles

To stay competitive, the self-media marketer should analyze articles and content produced by other writers in the same niche. This helps to identify gaps in the market, understand reader preferences, and differentiate the author’s content from others.

Writing articles

Based on the above research and analysis, the self-media marketer can begin writing articles that are engaging, informative, and relevant to their target audience. This involves creating compelling headlines, developing a clear and concise writing style, and incorporating relevant visuals and multimedia.

Publishing the finished product

Once an article is complete, the self-media marketer must determine the most effective platforms and channels for publishing and promoting their content. This may include social media, email marketing, or collaboration with other influencers.

Long-term contracted articles

Finally, the self-media marketer may choose to establish long-term partnerships with publishers, brands, or other influencers. This involves negotiating contracts and agreements for ongoing content creation and distribution, and requires a strong track record of successful self-media marketing.


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